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Our day to day business practice since establishment has followed a committed policy of Affirmative Action but with caution not to close doors to the attainment of expertise and learning channels from both outsource and potentially capable staff.

Business Background

Sokhonjwa Business Solutions is a service provider specialising in Tax consulting, bookkeeping, company registration and other aspects within the Labour and Financial Economic sector. Sokhonjwa Business Solutions enjoys a strong market and reputation as a leading KZN’s wholly female-owned and managed Bookkeeping and Financial Consulting Business. The firm has now grown its number of clients both within its business district confines as well as at provincial level. Its growth is defined and endorsed mostly by previously and on-going served clients, who on a day to day basis continue to positively and strongly commend its services.

Business Core Purpose

The enterprise’s core purpose is economicactivity and self growth, sustenance and economic contribution within the specified confines of the industry. The formation was in itiated and pursued by the respective member, having satisfactorily explored the industry and observed available opportunities. As a current track, the vision remains consistent with both the short term and long term objective of its formulation. Efforts to keep the business afloat and alight with activities remain daily tasks. It shall be maintained that the business is meant to create an admirable track record of works, a clear view of where it should be a sper long term goals and all this by ensuring sound strategies with regard to over all planning, marketing and ad-hoc networking are constantly employed. A steady growth with average spin-offs shall be placed within view, whilst taking stock of short-term planning at all times.

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